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How an Ice Making Machine Works

A good ice maker is an easy way to ensure that you always have enough cold drink on hand. There are plenty of models to choose from, ranging from countertop units to some that require significant floor space. You’ll want to consider your needs when deciding on a size, though. If you’re planning to entertain often, you may want a larger capacity model that can handle multiple trays in the same cycle.

In general, a home ice making machine works in a similar fashion to the freezer in your refrigerator. Water flows into a reservoir, which then pumps chilled water into the evaporator. When the evaporator’s temperature hits a set point, the refrigerant will evaporate and condense into ice. The ice then slides down a grid of wires, where it’s broken up into different shapes, before falling into the storage bin.

This sleek and modern machine produces nugget ice—a soft, chewable type that’s great for mixed drinks. It has a clear bin that makes it easy to see how much ice is inside, and the ice falls forward when you open the door for scooping (a scoop is included). The only drawback is that it’s large and heavy, and we weren’t sure it would fit on our countertops if it wasn’t anchored down.

This compact countertop ice maker can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours, which is plenty for most families. It’s easy to use and has a simple, intuitive interface. This unit specializes in producing small and large bullet-shaped cubes, which don’t stick together or melt as quickly as other ice shapes. Once you close the switch, it takes about seven minutes for this ice maker to finish a sheet of cubes, depending on the setting you select (there are options between +6 and -6). ice making machine

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