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Dog Dewormer For Cancer

Many dog lovers are unaware that a simple dewormer for dogs can also treat human cancers. An increasing number of anecdotal reports show that fenbendazole, which is sold under various pet dewormer names including Safe Guard, Pro Sense and Panacur, can actually destroy or shrink cancers in humans. It is a popular alternative to chemotherapy and can be used long term with no side effects.

Despite a lack of rigorous research, many anecdotal reports have shown that the drug is effective at fighting cancer in both dogs and people. It works by stopping the growth of microtubules, which provide structure to cells. Cancer cells have more of these microtubules than healthy cells. Fenbendazole targets these structures, destroying them and killing the cancerous cell.

In recent months, a new class of immunotherapies that target the immune system and use genetically modified CAR T cells have been showing promise in treating canine lymphoma. Penn Vet recently launched the first canine clinical trial of this treatment, which is being developed based on a successful pilot study in humans.

But for many pet owners, immunotherapy is too expensive and risky. Fenbendazole, on the other hand, is cheap and has been found to be very effective against cancer in both humans and dogs. It is one of the most common dewormers for dogs, and is widely available under several pet dewormer brands including Safe Guard, Pro Sense and Panacur. The same compound is also sold as a worming medication for fish, and is even used to treat bile duct cancer in cats. dog dewormer for cancer

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